House Athletics Day

It was a hot and sizzling day but that did not stop the excited children at Berwick Lodge Primary School getting ready for their House Athletics Day. All we could hear as we walked to the basketball courts dressed in our house colours was the sounds of sooooo many excited children. Dave thought, “This day is going to be amazing,” and we all agreed.

As we approached the hurdles, Callum thought, “oh dear, this looks tricky for me!” He was nervous, he was scared, he was even terrified of those scary hurdles. But, showing his persistence to give everything a go, Callum lined up at the starting line. As the hand fell down, Callum knew it was time to run and he ran as if a giant monster was chasing him!  It really helped because Callum made the final of the 8/9 boys hurdle race. In the final race Callum came second and won his first ever ribbon. “I was exhausted but really proud of myself” explained Callum to our grade.

Long jump, long jump, long jump chanted the students as they headed to the long jump pit. Marcus thought this activity would be uncomplicated as he had long legs to help him jump. Aidan thought the same thing!  Charlie was worried she might face plant into the sandpit! Blessing was feeling petrified that she could not do the long jump. But when we all got to have our turn we discovered that it was a bit more simple than we had thought. In fact, Alysha, Dave and Esther even won ribbons at the long jump.

House Athletics Day was a long and exhausting day. We had competed in eight different events and our bodies were feeling really hot and sweaty. But we dragged ourselves to the basketball courts for the final part of the day. Miss Craig and the Sports Captains announced the best dressed and sportsmanship awards. Callum was awarded the sportsmanship award for 8/9 boys. It was a great way for him to end the day. All of our grade were so proud of ourselves, as we had all won a ribbon during the day and were excited to show our families. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR’S HOUSE ATHLETICS DAY!

Jointly and proudly written by the students of Grade 3 N